• Fresh, authentic tortillas in seconds.

    flatev is revolutionizing the way people prepare fresh flatbreads, starting with tortillas

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Step 1: Choose from a variety of fresh dough pods

flatev dough pods

Fresh and Simple

Store-bought tortillas are packed with preservatives and artificial colors and flavors. Our dough is made with water and stone ground organic corn or wheat flour — that’s all!

Gluten Free

Our corn tortillas are always gluten-free and fit to your dietary needs.

Your Choice

Want to mix it up? Satisfy your sweet tooth with honey or spice up your life with chili. We have a variety of flavors to choose from!


Lightning Fast and Easy to Use

Get your fresh, homemade tortilla in seconds! No more fretting over exact measurements of ingredients — all you have to do is pop in the pod, press the button, and pull the lever. You’ll be the coolest Taco Night host in town!

Mess Free

Our non-stick dough doesn’t leave a mess behind and makes it easy to clean for everyone.

The Drive of Zurich and Passion of Mexico

The top engineers and food scientists came together to create a beautiful union between the careful science of Swiss mechanical engineering and New York’s delicious art of food.

Step 3: Enjoy and repeat

Fresh flatev Tortillas

Taste the Difference

Once you know what a fresh, homemade tortilla really tastes like, you’ll never touch packaged tortillas again.

Abuelita Approved

This is the taste of a real, Mexican tortilla. This is the taste of home.

Your Body Will Thank You

We only use the freshest and most natural ingredients in our tortillas to keep you healthy and happy.

flatev fits in with every meal…

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