the flatev has landed…

Dearest Tortilla Lover,

Do you smell that? That’s your tortillas approaching!

The flatev has landed. We are so excited to share with you today how the worlds first tortilla machine will look. Very soon we will open the gates on Kickstarter and all of you loyal followers will be able to pre-order.

We’ll talk again soon!


Your flatev team

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  1. Nicole Wascoe Bauman
    Nicole Wascoe Bauman says:

    Sleek! Can’t wait to see a tortilla pop out of it! Looking forward to seeing the Kickstarter campaign kickoff.

  2. Bryan Schietinger
    Bryan Schietinger says:

    Love It!!! It is a huge improvement. I was going to buy it anyway. But love the fact that it looks much more modern. I wasn’t so keen on the retro 70s look.
    I can’t wait to get my hands on one of there. Seems like I’ve been waiting a lifetime for it to be launched! But happy your making improvements!!

  3. Johnny Keggler
    Johnny Keggler says:

    Congratulations, Carlos,
    I knew it wouldn’t be too long before your vision became a reality!

    Can’t wait to have one in my kitchen!

    Cheers mate

  4. Rebecca Vargas
    Rebecca Vargas says:

    I really love the idea. I just wish you could use your own corn dough. when you can do a machine that can do that for home use I’m in


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