Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website.


Why should I buy Flatev products?

Flatev is dedicated to empowering consumers with a convenient way of preparing fresh, healthy and tasty tortillas, roti, flatbreads, cookies, and more. You can use the Flatev Artisanal Bakery on a daily basis, to prepare many different snacks and ethnic meals. Consider our baked goods as your creative canvas. We guarantee you the best nutrients and ingredients, an uncompromised top quality and a great taste.

What does Flatev mean?

Flatev is short for flatbread evolution. Flatev vision is to bring fresh-baked breads to every home and office environment.

Where is Flatev located?

Flatev is located in Zurich, Switzerland and New York in the US.

I am a member of the media and want to know more about Flatev. Who do I contact?

This sounds terrific. Why don’t you send us an email to hello@flatev.com? We will send you a special version of our media kit and put you in contact with the right people.


What are the ingredients in each Flatev Dough?

All the the ingredients we use are all natural, organic and non GMO. We guarantee that each Flatev Dough is free of artificial ingredients and artificial preservatives.

Do you provide gluten-free options?

Yes. We offer organic corn tortilla which is 100% gluten-free. We are going to introduce gluten-free flour tortillas soon.

Are you going to provide other flatbreads?

Sure. We are committed to empower discriminating consumers with a convenient way of preparing fresh and tasty tortillas, roti, flatbreads, cookies, and more.

Are the tortillas kosher?

No, not yet.

What is the shelf life of each Flatev Dough package?

We have achieved a 45-60 day shelf life depending on the baked goods type and variety.

What if I have allergies?

The Flatev Dough is free of many allergens such as tree nut, peanut, milk, egg, and soy. Besides all the previous allergens, corn tortilla is free of sodium and the gluten-free flatbread is free of gluten. Please read the ingredient label first.


How does the Flatev Artisanal Bakery work?

You simply pop a Single Serving into Flatev Artisanal Bakery, press the button, wait 60 to 120 seconds and before you know it you have freshly baked tortillas, rotis, flatbreads, cookies and more.

How many baked goods can you make from each Single Serving?

Every Single Serving contains one portion of fresh dough. Thanks to the Single Servings we help reduce food waste and therefore we help reduce CO2 emissions.

How long does it take to make one tortilla, roti, flatbread or cookie?

Flatev Artisanal Bakery only takes 60 to 120 seconds to bake each serving of your favorite baked goods.

What is the size of each tortilla, flatbread or cookie serving?

Each serving is around 6 inches in diameter.

How do I clean the Flatev Artisanal Bakery?

It is very easy to clean the Flatev Artisanal Bakery. You simply open the appliance in the back and you will have access to clean the baking plates.


How much is each Flatev Dough?

Each tasty, fresh, organic Flatev Dough is between USD 0.79 – USD 0.99 depending on the flavors and flatbread type.

How much is the Flatev Artisanal Bakery?

Each beautifully designed Flatev Artisanal Bakery will cost between USD 399 – USD 599. Final pricing is still being determined.

Why are the Flatev baked goods more expensive than the store-bought ones?

Each fresh baked tortilla, roti, flatbread or cookie is made with fresh Flatev Dough packed in a single serving to maintain the ultimate freshness, taste and nutrition. The flours used in the Flatev Dough are USDA-certified organic flours carefully selected by Flatev. The water in the Flatev Dough is a purified high-standard clean water. Flatev guarantees no artificial preservatives, colors and hydrogenated oils.

Why is the Flatev Artisanal Bakery so expensive?

Each Flatev Artisanal Bakery is beautifully designed and engineered to last and to provide a high-performance fresh-baking experience.


Where can I buy the Flatev Artisanal Bakery?

The Flatev Artisanal Bakery will be available online and in-stores. Please sign up on www.flatev.com to be the first one to know exactly when and where the Flatev Artisanal Bakery is available.

Where can I buy the Flatev Dough?

The Flatev Dough will be available online and in-stores.


Why do you use individual Flatev Dough servings?

Since the Flatev Artisanal Bakery works with a very accurate baking program, it requires a consistent composition and portion of dough to ensure every bread is properly baked and tastes amazing.

Is the packaging recyclable?

The plastic container is made of polypropylene, #5 plastic which is accepted in the majority of communities in the US for recycling.

How do I recycle the packaging?

The plastic container can be recycled at curbside or drop-off recycling centers that accept #5 plastic. Please check your community to find out where #5 plastic is accepted. If you cannot recycle #5 plastic in your area, please mail them to Preserve, where #5 plastic will be recycled. Check here for how to mail them back.

Are you going to use biodegradable packaging?

The short answer is no. We dedicated a lot of time researching and came to the conclusion that recyclable packaging is a better choice than biodegradable at the moment. A primary driver for our decision is that the biodegradable materials only degrade in certain environments requiring the right amount of humidity and specific temperature. The access to such specific environments is currently limited in the US. When biodegradable materials end up in the landfills, they do not degrade. By contrast we use #5 plastic which can be recycled through the existing recycling system and made into new plastic products. In this way, the packaging does not go into landfills after one-time use.

Other questions about sustainability?

We share the same passion as you do for sustainability. If you have more questions, please drop an email to Xiao, our dedicated Chief Sustainability Officer at xiaoyue.du@flatev.com