Who is flatev?

We are a Swiss startup with the ambition to fundamentally change the way people eat at home. Our brilliant team developed a pod-based machine for tortillas and rotis. Think of it like a coffee machine that makes flatbread. Instead of ground coffee, our pods are filled with fresh dough with natural and healthy ingredients. You pop them into our machine, push the button, and in seconds you get a piping hot, fresh tortilla on your plate!

It has been a wild ride over the last three years. The flatev team won several startup competitions around the globe, such as venture kick in Switzerland, MassChallenge in the US and the European Food Venture Forum in Denmark. Additionally we were chosen to represent our country on the Swiss national startup team and were voted one of the Top 20 startups in Switzerland last year. So far, we have secured funding of USD 5 million and have been featured in various media such as Gizmodo, Fox News, Boston Globe and Good Morning America. In 2015, we will finalize the hardware and design of the machine, build our office and team in New York, and prepare for the market entry in the US next year. The most exciting years are still to come!