Fresh-baked organic, all-natural tortillas, roti, flatbreads, cookies and more

Leave mixing, pressing, and cooking flatbreads behind. Enjoy fresh artisan flatbreads on demand.

How It Works

Choose your Dough

Insert It Into Drawer

Push the Button

Enjoy it hot!

What happens in the magic box?

The freshest little ball of dough jumps out of the pod and into the baking system, ready to be a tortilla, flatbread or cookie. After seconds of baking, your tortilla slides into the warmer and waits for you to enjoy the aromatic perfection.

The Five Characteristics Of The Perfect flatev Tortillas

TASTE – Your tortilla can only be as good as the ingredients it’s made of. You can taste the difference between our organic, preservative-free corn and flour tortillas versus the GMO grains and preservatives of the supermarket tortillas.

THICKNESS – The best tortillas are a little thicker than average so you can taste them, not just the filling! Our tortilla holds its own and isn’t afraid to be a little thicker.

FRESHNESS – The best way to enjoy a tortilla is right after it has been freshly baked and is still warm. If you re-heat it, it will never ever taste the same.

AROMA – Great tortillas overwhelm your senses with the unique aroma of premium quality corn or wheat flours.

TEXTURE – The perfect tortilla can be easily rolled and has just the right bite. Your tortilla should hug the fillings without breaking, so your plate and fingers stay clean.

A perfect tortilla is fresh when you eat it, and not when you buy it.

The flatev Dough

Consistent Quality

Inside each flatev dough is the precise amount of ingredients for you to create one healthy tortilla, roti, flatbread or cookie. In every single dough unit you will find a very precise blend of healthy and high quality ingredients carefully selected for you.

Freedom of Choice

You love variety and global flavors? With flatev you can enjoy a wide array of tortillas, roti, flatbreads and cookies for different meals and moods. Our labs are already working on new flavors and breads.

Reduction of Food Waste

Food waste pollutes the environment with carbon dioxide emissions. Make the tortillas, rotis and flatbreads you need as you need them.

We Recycle!

Our earliest R&D pods were not recyclable. We did not like that. Working hard, we developed new pods from polypropylene, plastic #5 (same material as your regular yoghurt cups) which is fully recyclable. Our pods are different from single-serve coffee cups because they have no residue left after usage and don’t contain filters. That means you can simply remove the pod foil from the pods, as you do with yogurt cups, and recycle them at your nearest recycling station (USA only).

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