Step 1: Choose your Fresh Dough Pod

Simple Recipe

The dough is made from stoneground corn flour and water. That’s it.

Gluten Free

Our corn tortillas are gluten free. Always.

Choose your flavor

Want to mix it up? Choose from a variety of flavors. Honey and Chili and Cheese! Oh my!

Step 2: Drop it in and Push the Button

Lighting Fast

A tasty tortilla in seconds? You’re welcome.

Easy to Clean

Our dough is non-stick, so the only mess will be from eating your taco.

Party Approved

Have friends and family over, put the machine on the table and impress them with fresh tortillas. Use our carousel feature for multiple pods at a time.

Step 3: Three… Two… One… Tortilla!

Taste the Difference

Fresh out of the oven. Once you tried our tortillas, you will never go back to industry-packaged ones from the grocery store.

Hot & Fresh

No more cold and dry tortillas. Enjoy them fresh, every time.


Lots of fibers. Lots of minerals. Lots of vitamins your body needs. No GMO’s. No gluten. No Oil. Only the very best tortillas. We promise!

Step 4: Fill your Tortilla with whatever you like

and so begins a great meal…

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

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